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My name is Rev. Debra Lippitt, (Lady Stormy) and I am the High Priestess of the Temple of Gaia Incorporated Coven and Matriarch of Grove Union, which are based in our home in Collingdale, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I "hail" from good ole' Wheeling, West Virginia, being born on September 1, 1951 at 12:25 P.M., during the craziest thunderstorm there ever was! My Father named me "Wind Walker" as I would walk out in the big wind storms and play in them as a young child!! I love wind storms and will go out in them to feel their power. I have been a Witch for fifty-eight years.

I have an AAS Degree in Criminal Justice, a BFA in Visual Communication, an MBA in Human Resources, and an MBA in Business Management. I also sell Avon, also have a few stores with CafePress, and manage our own coven in our home in Collingdale, PA USA.

I have five very special cats that actually do rituals with us! They are: Hecate, my beautiful princess and "woman" of the house...she truly lives up to her name; Thor..a bundle of joy that jumped into our car one day and wouldn't get out until we got home; Sheena, my spoiled princess, Aurora, a little furball of love and joy, and Boo, a fantastic Calico! The breed of Hecate is a mixture of Bob-Cat and Maine-coon, so you can see why our lives are always in an up-roar with her around!! Thor is a breed called Havana Brown, and just as lovable as the rest are, always ready to greet you at the door and say..."Welcome Home"! Sheena is a black and white tuxedo cat, and Aurora is a mixed Russian Blue, Boo is a beautiful orange, black, white, and tan Calico. We also have a mixed terrier called Yuengling, the sweetest mixed up puppy you would ever meet! Then there is Veronica, an American Straffordshire Terrier Pit Bull that is full of love and playfulness. Let's not forget our baby girl, a Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. She keeps the house rocking and everyone on their toes.

We also had another mixed Bobcat, Lord Pan, 1991-2008, that has passed away and is very sadly missed. We also miss our other tuxedo cat, Lionheart, and Lord Pan & Hecate's son, Apollo. The three of these guys passed on one right after the other with no known medical reasoning for their demise. They are sadly missed by all!

Then there was my "magickal" God-Father, who passed away on December 10, 1997. Pop was truly the "wind" beneath my "wings". He will always be honored and remembered throughout my life. Goddess hold this man in your love and free him of his pain! I love you Pop and will always miss your smile! This page is dedicated to my God-Father and "best friend", John R. Craig, December 14, 1912 - December 10, 1997. May the Ancient Ones keep you in their loving embrace and free you from your suffering! I love and miss you Pop! I will always remember your words and wisdom! Blessed Be!

We offer a learning center on-line so people can study with Temple of Gaia Incorporated, without the burden of coming long distances to attend meetings and rituals. The people that come in person are required to have a BOOK OF SHADOWS, an ATHAME, ROBE, a CHALICE and be 18 years old or older, anyone under 18 will have to have parental permission through personal meeting of parents. It is the law and there are no exceptions!

No "skyclad" rituals are performed and the dress is always casual...especially in the summer months! No Alcoholic beverages are served during rituals, we use associated juices in their place. No fee is required, but donations are welcome, after all we DO use candles and incense!!

When coming to the Temple, food is brought by the members as a potluck. At the meetings there will be snacks, but at the Sabbats there is a variety of ritual foods appropriate to the festivities and Sabbat! All foods brought to the Temple are strictly regarded for a persons tastes and medical conditions.

Temple of Gaia is an Equal Opportunity Temple.....we do not discriminate according to race, color, creed, nationality, religion, culture, or handicap. Yes, we do let other religions participate!! We are also handicapped accessible for anyone who needs a ramp to get in doors. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Our Coven specializes in teaching, handfastings, renew wedding vows, handpartings, same sex commitment ceremonies, wiccanings, house blessings, funerals, pre-marital counseling, rites of passage, memorials, and many more ceremonies. Contact me for any details. We charge no fee for our services, but donations do help with travel and gas. We will charge a flat fee for traveling beyond an eighty mile radius. We usually ask for donations, but considering the time and travel for anything over eighty miles, we are forced to charge a fee. There is more information at our Handfasting website http://handfastingsandweddings.net

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